The chairman is the representative of AISU. He/ she is responsible for the overall coordination of the group, the agenda and the organisation of general assemblies (GAs) and board meetings.

AISU’s chair:

Matilde Vergas


The secretary has an important role in communication with the National Secretariat of Amnesty (AINL), but is also the right hand of the chair in external communication and representation. The secretary keeps the database and contact information of AISU’s members up to date and contacts AINL in any membership change. The secretary also makes notes during general assemblies and board meetings and takes care of the distribution of these notes among the members.

AISU’s secretary:

Marleen Nieuwenhuizen


The treasurer is in charge of finances and sees to it that the group’s finances are healthy. The treasurer also processes financial declarations made by AISU or its members. At the end of each year (in December) the treasurer writes an annual financial report to the National Secretariat.

AISU’s Treasurer:

Bart Rietman

PR- Officer

The PR- Officer is responsible for the Public Relations. This means he/she takes care of the promotion of all AISU events, makes sure the website is up to date and the monthly newsletter will be send. In every committee in AISU there is a PR- member, the PR-officer also coördinates the communication between them.

AISU’s PR- Officer

Sam Heegstra