Do you want to join AISU?

We are always open for new members! Please join one of our events, drop by one of our general assemblies or contact our AISU board: 

The easiest way to become a part of AISU is to email: !

Or join one of our events or general assemblies. Please check our facebook, instagram or the “News” page on this website for all of the upcoming events. 

Otherwise, if you would like to directly sign-up to become a member you can also fill in the form provided by Amnesty Netherlands, found here! Make sure to properly indicate that you will be a part of the Utrecht Student Group – we’re very excited that you joined this community & hope to see you soon at an event.  


At the Bevrijdingsfestival (Liberation Day Festival) on the 5th of May, Fenna tells why she is active for AISU (please note, the video is in Dutch).