Editorial Committee:

In the Editorial Committee, you’ll keep the AISU community updated on the most important developments within human rights worldwide, but also locally. You’ll write long and shorts articles about topics concerning human rights that you find interesting. You could think about politics, war, art, feminism, the local LGBTQI community, refugees, etc. You and your committee mates have a lot of freedom on how to get this information to the public. Maybe you’d like to make a blog, or you’re more into a quarterly magazine. It’s up to you!

Activity Committee:

The Activity Committee is in charge of organizing activities concerning human rights. The committee organizes events around particular subjects concerning Amnesty International, or other current events initiated by Amnesty International. For instance last year, the Activities Committee organized a great dinner with refugees at ‘Buurthuis Rosa’ and also a very interesting day to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Other examples are organizing activities like the Writing Marathon or the Feminist Open Mic on Women’s day!

Lecture Committee:

The Lecture Committee organizes lectures about urgent current situation in the world and of course human rights. For every lecture, experts on the specific topics will be invited. For example last year, we had a lecture about ‘Deathpenalty in Belarus’ and ‘Radicalization in the world’. It is up to the committee to find new, exciting or important topics for lectures in the coming year.

Next to this the committee will be supporting national and international actions of Amnesty International. Every month the group will choose an action and will try to collect as many signatures as possible through petitions to stop human rights violations. Read more about the actions here:

Charity Committee:

The last 3 years AISU organized an awesome Charity Concert in the Hoffman in Utrecht. They were both a big successes and many people were there to see some great performers and some very interesting speakers. This committee will be raising awareness about a specific topic (Last times they were ‘Irregular migrants’, ‘Ethnic profiling’ and ‘Freedom of press’) by organizing such a great event, and besides that will be raising money for a good cause. For example, this could be done by organizing a lottery, selling donated things or whatever creative idea the committee will come up with! This year the Charity Committee will aim to organize both a gala and a concert, two very spectaculair and fun events!

Big Project Committee:

Introducing in 2019: The Big Project Committee. What’s so special about this committee is that it works on a half-year basis. If you are studying in the Netherlands as a foreign student or if you not sure how much time you will have later on in the year, this committee has the solution! The big project committee gives you the opportunity to organise and work towards accomplishing one big project each semester. This means that if you plan to go on exchange in 2020 or if you have an internship planned that takes up a lot of time, you can join for just half a year. Staying for a full year is also possible. The two big projects that will be organised will for certain contain the popular “write for rights” event in fall and a still-in-the-works festival in spring!