News and Announcements


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Thank you for everyone that applied for the treasurer position. We are very happy to welcome our new AISU Board treasurer Fenna Selman! 



If you haven’t heard yet we’re having a pub-quiz on Monday 19th at 8PM on Zoom: !! This event is a social evening to give you a study break or get your mind off-of the pandemic and just to have a good time. There will be 5 different categories that you and your team will be tested on, so get ready for fun, random yet oddly specific informational questions!! 

To participate and to be put into a team, please fill in this form: can also join as a team with your friends – just let us know)

We hope to see you there & of course you’re welcome to bring your own drinks, snacks or even dinner 🙂

Committee Application DEADLINE


We have decided on a deadline for all of the committee applications / sign-ups! If you would like to be a committee member you need to fill in the sign-up form (see below) by: Wednesday, 23 September 2020, latest by midnight. 

All of the information and the sign-up form can be found HERE

Kick-Off Potluck!


Let us all finally meet! We have decided to organize an in-person event as our yearly kick-off! It will take place on Monday, 21 September 2020 in Wilhelmina Park, 7PM onwards*. The exact date will be posted on Facebook and Instagram – but just keep an eye out for a big AISU flag! During this event you can meet other AISU members and the us, the board, in a very social and relaxed fashion. Please bring food and drinks – either for yourself or to share – so we can have dinner together! We cannot wait to meet you all, get to know you and start this year off strong! 

*By having this event outdoors we hope to increase space to keep the 1.5m distance rule & always remember to abide by the corona-regulations. 

Online Introduction Night


Our online introduction night will take place on September 14th (Monday) 2020 at 8PM via:

Due to the complications that come along with a global pandemic, our first introduction night has to be hosted online. However, we are still planning to make this a fun, social, interactive and an exciting event for everyone. We will be providing more in depth information on the upcoming year, getting to know each other and how you can become more involved. We can’t wait to see you there; bring your along your friends, drinks, snacks or dinner to the call – we want to make it as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. 

Let us know if you can make it via our Facebook Page!


Introduction of the New AISU 2020-2021 Board


The five new board members were individually introduced throughout the week. Check out our facebook or instagram for their personal statements!