Editorial Committee

The editorial committee is ideal for anyone who is interested in current news; anyone who has a passion for written word; and anyone who wants to inform others on the injustices happening around the world.

The editorial committee is in charge of creating editorial materials (articles, podcasts, interviews, videos) relating to the state of human rights worldwide and of the various events organized by Amnesty International. Their aim is to improve young people’s knowledge of ongoing international issues that concern human rights.

This committee is operational during the entire academic year, and the time commitment can be flexible. While the editorial committee is not obligated to plan events for significant dates, members are encouraged to contribute weekly and can gain great experience in content production and editing.


Write4Rights Committee

The Write4Rights Committee focuses on planning one of the biggest annual events for AISU- the Write4Rights event that takes place in December. This event is a letter writing campaign where members send out as many letters as possible to politicians and world leaders, calling on them to end certain transgressions of human rights. This is one of Amnesty International’s most consistent and successful events, and a great way to make a difference.

This committee gives students the opportunity to organise and work towards accomplishing one big project each semester. Members of this committee focus on the Write4Rights event in the first semester, because it’s a very big event, and then could focus on a different event in the second semester.In the second semester they could choose an event to focus on- last year they chose first to organise something around women’s day in March, and afterwards something around Refugee day in June.

This committee works on a half-year basis, so that students who are going on an exchange or who don’t have enough time to take part in a whole-year committee can commit for half a year. Students can stay for the whole year if they want to, but can also leave after half a year.


Collection Committee

The Collection Committee is responsible for organising the big charity concert. This has been organised for multiple years now and has been consistently praised for its success.

While committee members are encouraged to use their imagination in planning, the evening generally looks ike this: a speaker will talk about the goal of the night, musicians will perform, and lottery tickets will be sold to contribute to the crusade of human rights. The products given by sponsors will be raffled under the donours. 

This committee operates during the entire academic year, but is mostly active during the collection week and in the time running up to the charity concert. This committee is a great experience for those who want to strengthen their organisational and marketing skills.

Equality Committee

The Equality Committee is a special interests group whose charge is to spread awareness about inequality on both a global and local scale. Members of this committee aim to hold different events by reporting cases of inequality, bringing attention to innovative systems, inviting speakers, and more. 

This year, we would like the Equality Committee to focus on some of the local campaigns important to Amnesty Netherlands. While these are global campaigns, they are still important locally and there will be opportunities to work with the Amsterdam office. Important for this committee are the #Let’sTalkAboutYes campaign and the fight for the right to protest. 

This committee functions for the entire academic year, and will have a special focus on days like International Women’s Day, World Refugee Day, and Keti Koti.


Committee Application

Are you interested in joining one of our committees? Then sign up to be a member of AISU here, and send your application (short description of yourself and a motivation letter) to board.aisu@gmail.com by: Friday, 30th September 2022! Please put the name of the committee your applying to in the subject line of the Mail.

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